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whoa Emi figured it out...haha after Elise told me but whatever. Okay guys this is da bomb...if i had something to talk about. Um lets see im drowing in dumb fucking projects and Mr. Riffle SUCKS GIANT FUCKING BLACK MALE COOOOCCCCCKKKK. ahhh! He randomly has quizzes on stuff nobody knows about...what the fook!?! Okay i love you guys and we need to discuss details about Friday night my chumps...haha chumps. Maybe if it isnt too snowy my son of a bitch father who choses marshall over me will let me drive you guys. but i guess we'll see. And kate your icon thingy makes me sad cause you look angry/sad in it :( be happy silly goose!

p.s.- pretty girls make graves is coming back silly hoes!
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